Customer Recognition

Travel Focus! Travel Advisor, Pam Obermiller
"Pam, I would like to thank you for all you did to ensure a marvelous trip to the National Parks of the West for our group.  It was a dream come true.  The spectacular view of the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, the Grand Tetons, Zion, and Yellowstone were unforgettable as only some of the highlights, the beauty and grandeur were everywhere.  The accommodations and food were excellent as were our guides throughout our tour.  Also, I really appreciate how you were able to arrange for a wheelchair assist at the airports and seating on the plane and the bus after my surgery.  I could not have done the trip without your assistance.  Thanks again for all of your assistance and as always our next trip will definitely be with you!"  Peg Kean (2015)

"After meeting my wife for lunch one day, as I pulled out of the parking lot a sign caught my eye.  Travel Focus was the name on the sign and after placing a call, boy was I glad I did.  My initial and only contact was with an agent who introduced herself as Pam.  My requests were simple:  1) Find us a place with a great beach, 2) We would like to go somewhere different from the norm, and 3) Vacation does not come often enough so please find us the best value.  Pam exceeded our expectations when she returned with a follow up phone call the next day recommending Sandals Antigua.  She found airfare that left close to our home with only one connection before our tropical destination all with very minimal layover.  The preparation Pam put into the itinerary paid off as our trip went smooth from start to finish.  The only thing we were left to worry about was how to balance our time between the gorgeous water, beautiful sunshine, and the relaxed environment around us.  I learned many things from Pam during our preparation for vacation:  hurricane season, cash vs. credit payment, best airfare schedule, as well as many other perks only a professional would know about.  After this first great experience, I can assure you that there will be many more to come, all of which will involved our new found favorite travel agent, Pam.  Thank you so much for a great vacation, we look forward to our next."  Chris & Melanie Stoughton, Portage, MI (2013)

"Pam, it's always such a pleasure dealing with you when I have travel plans.  You genuinely seem to like your job and it shows in the extraordinary service that you give.  I know that you will search high and low to get me the best travel arrangements and that is why I will always call you.  You not only deliver great travel plans but peace of mind."  Anne Anderson (2013)

"Pam, my husband and I had the time of our lives in Jamaica Couples Resort Tower Isle!  I look forward to a milestone anniversary when we can return.  I strongly recommend to any traveler looking for a hassle free, worries free, relaxing and over indulgent vacation!  The food was immaculate (cannot stress that enough, it far exceeded my expectations) and the facility was breath taking along with other resorts in the same chain.  I took over a thousand pictures and got to fulfill a life long dream of horseback riding in the ocean, amazing!  Pam was extremely helpful and easily accessible with whatever questions we had and is continuing her exemplary customer service by helping me obtain a lost souvenir opportunity, the resort bath robe I neglected to purchase, but dream of owning.  Thank you, Pam, for taking the stress out of planning a vacation.  It was money well spent and created priceless memories for the two of us!"  Valerie Pfau (2012)

"Pam, you have been super helpful and I really appreciate the great idea that you had about the hotel stay.  I have called 5 different travel agents today and you are the only person to suggest a package deal.  I really feel that you are trying to help me and have my best interest at heart.  Thank you so much for that."  Teresa DeMerell (2012)

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I have been working with Pam for the last week to plan a Spring Break trip to Maui for the family.  Pam was amazing and I feel like we got a great price...I can tell she did a lot of leg work and it is truly appreciated.  My daughter is a senior this year and this may be one of our last family trips together so I am very excited.  I thought you should know how pleased I am with what Pam was able to accomplish in a very short time!"  Lisa L. Anspaugh, CPA (2012)


Customer Recognition

Travel Focus! Travel Advisor, Amy Carroll
"...I ventured to Europe and once again I was on a learning curve, discovering again that most travel dilemmas can be solved with help.  But my confidence in traveling alone was due in part that I always knew that Travel Focus! and Amy were a phone call away.  I have friends who design and plan their trips.  They always return with stories of missed details, disappointing hotels, awful connections, and feeling "stuck" with painful dilemmas.  In their effort "to go cheap" they go badly which erodes their desire to go at all!  I tell them planning your own trip in this day and age is like doing surgery on yourself: NOT a good idea, at least for me.  As a "travel midwife", Amy has the skills in assessment, planning, intervening, and evaluation of the process of traveling.  She anticipates untoward events of travel and attends to a myriad of details to insure a smooth trip.  She skillfully assesses her clients in order to achieve the "goodness of fit" between the client's needs and the travel outcomes.  I have found her a useful ally in keeping my expectations in line with reality rather than the Web glitz or marketing ploys.  In addition, she is intuitive in reading the spoken and unspoken -- and sometimes subliminal needs of her clients.  She is diligent in her communication with clients and travel companies and serves as an advocate with airlines, travel, and transport companies, and hotels when issues arise.  Amy is a good counselor in offering advice on travel destinations as well as travel aids and packing tips.  She has also encouraged me to learn what kind of traveler I am.  She asks purposeful questions when I return from a trip.  Because of her inquiry, as I have made my way through airports, hotels and destinations, I have been able to observe myself and pay attention to my preferences.  I realize that there are many ways to "go" and to "do" and that my travel style is something I can sculpt and own.  In this way both how I travel and where I travel can create joyful experiences.  I am grateful for Amy's professional skill and dedication.  Just so grateful!  Diane Hamilton (2016)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Carroll and Pat Kamm on a daily basis for 17 years.  I find both to be exceptional in their field and very professional.  Our company is very unique and demanding with their travel schedules both domestic and overseas.  Our needs have been met on a timely basis with cost savings being a priority.  I would highly recommend Travel Focus! - Amy Carroll and Pat Kamm for business and pleasure travels." Liene R. Rava, Office/Procurement Manager, Schawk (2013) 

Travel Focus! Owner, Patricia Kamm
"PK, what can we say??????  Everything was perfect.  We had an excellent time.  The hôtels were wonderful, especially the Sainte Antione.  Actually, I left a belt at the Nelligan and they did have it and are sending it to me.  We ate at great restaurants, experienced French Canada at its best.  Tom said you were good, but I think he's modest; you're great.  I'll definitely keep you in mind if we plan another super trip."  Rocco Rotolo (2014)

"Pat, I would do Oceania again as it was mostly a positive experience.  Regent is still my favorite, but for the money, this was sure a better deal.  By the way, people who booked with the cruise line had seats all over the airplane and not together with their spouses.  Thanks for that.  Some were told by their travel agents that they could not include the Falls, as Oceania would not pay for their flights if they came early.  Thanks for that too!  They were the highlight, so wouldn't have missed them for the world.  All said and done, the trip was fantastic!  Hope you can view my pictures...they came out great! Thanks again."  Bonnie Rowley (2012)