Nicole Bolde
Nicole Bolde, Technical Support, Travel Focus!

With a personal touch, Nicole Bolde provides her clients with memorable experiences.  Treating all clients' trips as though they were her own, Nicole Bolde, travel advisor for Travel Focus!, takes personalized service to a new level. She has been a leisure consultant for seven years.  As a travel advisor, Nicole is keenly aware of all marketplace trends.  Satisfied, long-term clients, along with their continuing referrals, for the basis of her success.  Whatever she books, Nicole provides small touches that add value. 

Outside of work, Nicole is married and has a daughter.  She enjoys reading and learning new things.  That philosophy applies equally to her continued search for worldwide destinations, cruises or tour products that delight her clients and bring them back for more.

Some of her favorite places to travel are:  Venice, Italy - Munich, Germany - St. Lucia - Walt Disney World - Paris, France - London, England - Budapest, Hungary - Rome, Italy - Grand Cayman to name a few.  Nicole can be reached at