Plan a trip to Cuba for People-to-People Cultural Exchange

What a fascinating country and we can help you choose the best escorted tour for you and your family based on your travel preferences and cost.    What a wonderful way to know the people of Cuba and explore the cultural treasures of this island located only 90 miles off the coast of the United States.  Give us a call and we will help you make some fabulous memories with this fantastic trip.


Some recent photos from our trip to Cuba!

Cruising through Old Havana

Walking in Old Havana

Visiting Colon Cemetery



10 Reasons to Travel to Cuba!

 1.  Experience a Wonderful Culture
 2.  Learn about its History
 3.  Ride in Old, American Cars
 4.  Listen to Fabulous Music
 5.  Visit a Tobacco Factory
 6.  Eat Delicious Food
 7.  Buy Beautiful Art
 8.  See Great Dancing
 9.  Drink Rum
10. Enjoy Wonderful People

Jose Marti Monument in Revolution Plaza
Plaza De Revolution