Our Philosophy on Corporate Travel!

As your travel solutions' advisors, we will serve as a customer advocate for you with our partners and the travel industry in general.  Being part of Travel Leaders Network - one of the largest travel management organizations globally - provides us leverage to obtain the most cost-effective and efficient processes/tools to manage your business travel needs.  We believe that our knowledge and expertise can assist you in meeting your business goals.  Because of your business needs are unique, we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team to develop a program that is customized to meet your travel needs.  Our goal at Travel Focus! is to provide you and your team with an exceptional travel experience to the right place, at the right time, and at the right price!  This is our promise to you and your travelers.

Pat Kamm, Owner of Travel Focus!
Pat Kamm, Owner
Travel Focus! 

Services we provide!

  1. Airline, hotel and vehicle reservations
  2. Special services (passport, visa, limo service, etc.)
  3. Traveler profile management
  4. Traveler safety and security (24/7 emergency call)
  5. Negotiated programs with suppliers
  6. Centralized management of unused tickets, travel vouchers, sales on bonus programs, etc.)
  7. Travel policy development, compliance, and review
  8. Online booking tool available based on business needs
  9. Standard reporting package monthly
  10. Business travel analytics (trends and pattern of travel, spend, etc.) with recommendations quarterly
  11. Custom seminars on doing business globally, working/understanding other cultures, virtual teams or any topic of interest dealing with business travel needs

Benefits for Using Us!

  1. Personalized service and solutions on a local level for global needs
  2. One-stop shopping for travel needs (travel, cost and quality control management, reporting and analytics)
  3. Will save time, money, and resources
  4. Experienced travel advisors in both business and leisure travel needs
  5. Can track travelers in case of an emergency (24/7)
  6. State-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Purchasing power - global clout with suppliers
  8. Stong, positive relationships with partners that results in better deals and prices not available to the general public
  9. Can customize seminars and can consult based on global, business requirements
  10. We are an advocate and have your best interests as our top priority